What Does JLL’s New Report on Retail Mean for Brick-and-Mortar Build Outs?

You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it. Whether it’s in our own behavior as consumers in today’s fast-paced world or as employees, business owners, or commercial real estate professionals – the retail landscape has shifted, and that shift has been quite dramatic.

As JLL’s recent report on redefining retail logistic explores, the future of the retail experience rests in the hands of those who can successfully execute the omni-channel experience for consumers – both online and in store. That means ensuring a consistent supply chain, solving logistics challenges, and creating unique and memorable experiences for customers who enter the brick-and-mortar.


Redefining Retail Build Outs in Florida

Investors looking to make waves in the retail industry must be willing to take risks and look for new opportunities to, as JLL reports, optimize real estate and repurpose obsolescent real estate.

When looking at a retail renovation to compete in today’s omni-channel world, here are a few important considerations to discuss with your commercial contractor and design-build team.

  • What role can technology play in the in-store experience, and how might the design and build augment that experience?
  • In what ways can lighting enhance the ways in which customers interact with your product in store?
  • As a consumer, what would draw you to the space and keep you there? Some shoppers walk in just to pick up a package they ordered online, while others may stop in to take a class or participate in an experiential element. Know your audience inside and out to create a custom experience with your build that they won’t want to miss.

While retail is changing, it doesn’t mean the brick-and-mortar store is dead. In fact, the opportunities for those willing to innovate are greater than ever. At Seacoast Construction, we transform retail from an open box to an experience shoppers won’t want to miss. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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