Understanding the New Methodology for Air Circulation and Temperature Controls in Office Buildings

Keeping our office spaces at a consistently comfortable temperature can be a challenge in areas like South Florida where the sun beats down on our buildings every day.


Maintaining comfortable temperatures in conjunction with ensuring fresh air intake and circulation requires large-scale mechanical systems to service our high-rises. It also means having a thorough understanding of how that system works both prior to construction as well as once you are a full-time tenant.


Air Circulation and Temperature Controls in Office Buildings


Mixed-use and high-rise buildings house numerous tenants – each with a need for fresh air circulation and cool, comfortable temperatures. Depending on the tenant and how the office space is used, there may also be additional air circulation measures that need to be taken.


In recent years, there has been a consistent push for new air circulation methodologies. The biggest difference we’re seeing with how units are getting serviced for air and temperature controls is the need to enable fresh air intake in conjunction with the building’s mechanical system.


To that end, the current methodology for servicing mixed-use buildings requires there to be a chiller or main unit on the building’s roof. This unit supplies mechanical air and recirculation for the entire building. It has a fresh air intake to purify, filter and clean the air.


In some cases, we must install an exhaust system depending on the office tenant. For example, if there is a medical facility in the building, we would need an exhaust in the surgery room.


Ensuring adequate air quality and circulation in our offices and other commercial spaces is essential, but it requires adequate planning to install successfully. At Seacoast Construction, we pride ourselves on solving complex construction challenges while always keeping safety at the forefront of our planning.


As you begin your office construction project in South Florida, we’d love to be part of it. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals and ideas.


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