Trends in Large-Scale Office Space Design

Trends come and go, but what makes something popular is its ability to remain both cutting-edge and progressive while also meeting the needs of the here and now.


When it comes to office space design, the here and now includes a focus on making sustainable choices, creating flexible workspaces and designing with collaboration in mind.


Here’s a look at some of the architectural trends we’re seeing in office space design:


  • A focus on flex zones – No longer are employees tethered to their desks. In fact, they’re encouraged to get up and collaborate. An increasing number of offices are being designed to accommodate these evolving ways of work. So, if an employee needs a quiet place to focus, they can take up temporary residence in a side office flex space, after which that area could be repurposed for collaboration.


  • Creating open areas for collaboration – Fewer walls and more open spaces are the future of the workplace. We’re seeing trends in fewer dedicated workstations and more collaborative areas that are both formal and informal, including lounge areas and other comfortable nooks for working with peers.


  • Designing bright, clean spaces with lots of glass and windows – Open, airy and bright with open sightlines and opportunities to take advantage of exterior views are trends taking center stage at the office. So, too, are design features that offer a nod to the company’s history or local roots.


  • Installing high-end finishes – Details have always mattered, but focusing on modern lighting, furniture, fixtures and technology that are on-point remains important to designing an elevated office space.


What office trends have you seen that you’d like to replicate? As a design-build commercial firm in South Florida, our team at Seacoast Construction is happy to help. We partner with exceptional architects to ensure your design goals are achieved with an on-time, on-budget build. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.


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