Tips on Inviting Subcontractors to Bid Your Project

In order to accurately estimate a project’s cost, you need to gather quality bids from subcontractors and suppliers. It sounds easy, but if it’s not done right, you can end up with sub-par subcontractors, poor quality bids, and a loss of valuable time.


What to include when inviting subcontractors to bid


To secure the best subcontractors for your project, you normally want 2-4 bidders for each trade. As you invite them to bid, it’s important to include specific details so they can accurately price the project and so that you can easily compare bidders.


Be sure to spell out each and every item they will be pricing when inviting them to bid. That way you can easily compare apples-to-apples the various components of the project. Other important details to include in the invitation to bid are:


  • Deadline for bidding – Clearly communicate the date and time of when the bid is due and how to submit the bids.
  • Project name and location – Subcontractors need to know if the project is located in their service area.
  • Complete scope of work – This enables more accurate pricing and comparison among bidders.
  • Link to plan documents – Any drawings, plan documents, or other attachments that need to be shared should be easily accessible to the subcontractor.
  • Any bid requirements – If any specific requirements or qualifications are needed, be sure to let the subcontractors know.


Interview your bidders


After receiving bids, you should interview the subcontractors to get a stronger sense of their skills and experience. You want someone who not only offers a competitive price but also meets the criteria for your project. This includes having any specialty skills that may be required. It’s important to remember that both price and fit are important when deciding on a subcontractor.


You should also ask them about their timing. The best subcontractors are in high demand and may not always be able to start immediately. Consider when you’d need them to start with when they are available. Sometimes they may not be available for six months to a year.


Securing quality subcontractors is an essential component of the project’s overall success. Hiring a general contractor who is well connected to the local community is one way to ensure that you’ll have skilled tradespeople working on your project.


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