The Value of Peer Review Constructability Reports Before Going to Permit

We turn to experts in so many areas of our lives – from financial experts to health experts and more. Seeking guidance when undertaking something as important as a commercial build is no different. It also requires a level of expertise most project owners simply don’t possess and turning to an expert prior to going to permit can prove to be the difference between a project completed on time and on budget, and one that experiences cost overruns or worst – the project simply gets abandoned.


Why a Second Opinion


We rarely make big decisions in life without gathering input from multiple professionals. As you prepare to move forward with your project, you should do the same.


Seeking the input of a third-party construction expert who can weigh in on the design feasibility of your build prior to seeking permits or contracts will save you time and money down the road. It will also improve the efficiency of your overall build and ensure its success.


Where to Turn for a Peer Review


Whether or not you end up hiring the construction firm you partner with on a constructability report, seeking a peer review of your design plans via a third party will help you flesh out the grey areas in your design. They will be able to inform you honestly and accurately of any design flaws, especially in terms of the architectural and structural needs of the build.


Understanding the obstacles you will face prior to going to permit saves time and money because it enables you to refine your design prior to starting the project. Once underway, every single change order during the build can set you back. Moreover, you can find yourself running into issues when the approved drawing logs required for permitting no longer align with the enhancements architects and engineers need to make in order to complete the construction. To learn more about importance of drawing logs, be sure to read this.


At Seacoast Construction, we offer constructability assessments as part of our pre-construction services as well as standalone reports for those seeking a second opinion on their project. If you’re starting a build in South Florida, don’t begin without one. Call us today at 786-433-8740 with your questions.


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