The Benefits of Pre-Construction That You Overlooked

At the beginning of any project, we’re all excited to just get started, but an essential step before breaking any ground is pre-construction. It provides a deliberate opportunity to review every detail of the project so that when the build does get started, everything runs smoothly and risks can be mitigated.


But more than simply running through a checklist of what needs to get done, pre-construction offers other important benefits. Here are some big ones:


  • Relationship & Trust Building – Relationships are at the core of any construction project. Without effective communication and collaboration, it can be difficult – dare we say, impossible – for a project to effectively be built. A trusting relationship opens the door to improved innovation, reduces misunderstandings and delays, and enables effective project collaboration.


  • Constructability Analysis – A constructability analysis answers the essential question of “can my project be built?” During pre-construction, we conduct a thorough constructability analysis to evaluate the feasibility of the build as designed and identify any potential roadblocks in the plans. It’s also an opportunity to further improve the design as you apply much-needed construction knowledge and expertise to the plans. Without conducting a thorough constructability report [link to first post “Why You Need a Constructability Report?”], there is a much greater chance that time and money will be wasted during the project – if it can be built at all.


  • Skip the Bidding & Replace with Negotiated Contract – As you establish your relationship with your contractor, you gain another often-overlooked benefit of pre-construction – saving yourself time and headaches by being able to skip the bidding process. Instead you can replace it with a negotiated contract that you and your contractor work out together. This results in a superior build and a more efficient workflow process.


Pre-construction sets the tone for your build and ensures that essential items like design, permitting, budget and timeline are set, but there are several other benefits to the process as well.  At Seacoast Construction, we’re here to help ensure that your project is a success from start to finish. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.


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