Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Home in South Florida

New construction is all about possibilities. It’s an opportunity to take years of finding creative inspiration in other places and then turning that inspiration into a luxury home all your own. While the road to move-in day may feel long, each step in the process is vital to getting you where you ultimately want to be.

As you embark on a new custom build in South Florida, surround yourself with experienced professionals you trust and stay connected to the process. It’s an exciting time!

What to Expect When Building a New Home

Building a home in Florida is a multi-step process that can take months to complete, but when broken down into smaller phases, it can feel less overwhelming to the homeowner and can help keep the construction schedule on target. Here’s what to expect each step of the way (and rest assured, your project manager will be in frequent communication throughout the process).

  • Site selection, design and pre-construction – Once you’ve decided to build a new home, the planning and design phase kicks off. If you don’t already have a lot, it’s time to select the site for your future home and conduct a buildability report to ensure your residential project will be able to actually be built on the land you’ve chosen. From there, you will be able to move forward with your design plans, permitting applications, and other pre-construction documents and processes.
  • Site prep – The first step in construction is to clear the lot of debris, large rocks and any other trees or landscaping in the way of the build. Excavation can then begin, footings can be put in place and foundation work can begin. Throughout the build, the construction site will need to be inspected to ensure the build is complying with approved construction documents and remaining up to code.
  • Build out the “shell” of the building – Once the concrete has cured, you can begin completing the exterior structure that forms the volume of the home.
  • Framing construction – Once the exterior shell is complete, your team will continue building out the remaining interior skeleton of the house.
  • Complete rough plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems – Essential housing systems will be installed before the walls are closed.
  • Install insulation and complete drywall and interior fixtures.
  • Begin exterior finishes.
  • Finalize interior trim and finishes including windows, doors, moldings, etc.
  • Install flooring, countertops, and final interior fixtures and touches.
  • Complete exterior grading, walkways, driveway and landscaping.
  • Complete final walk-through and inspections.

If you have questions about building a new luxury home in South Florida, get in touch with our team of experts at Seacoast Construction. We’ve spent the past 20+ years constructing new homes and commercial properties in the area and have the experience and relationships to make your dream home a reality. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

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