Construction Services

At Seacoast Construction, we provide the following services for Commercial, Residential, and Multi-Family projects:

  • Construction Management
  • Preconstruction Coordination
  • General Contracting
  • Owner Representation

General Contracting

Seacoast Construction offers general contracting for our clients that prefer the traditional design-bid-build. We continue our focus on quality by utilizing a select group of pre-qualified subcontractors during the bid process. Seacoast has established a reputation for quality projects and our relationship with our subcontractors and suppliers ensures our ability to deliver that quality.

This delivery method provides the owner with the most checks and balances because drawings and specifications are complete prior to contractor selection and there are separate entities reporting to the owner, each with distinct roles and responsibilities. Seacoast provides its own rigorous internal controls to monitor every phase of the building process.

The willingness to listen and be responsive to owners sets us apart in our field. Our highest priority is to cultivate long term relationships. We strive for a high standard of integrity dealing fairly and openly with our clients.

As a general contractor, Seacoast organizes the project by scope and specialty. We then engage subcontractors that have a proven track record of performance.

Construction Management

A well-prepared plan is only as good as its implementation. Seacoast understands the relationship between the overall success of a project and competent implementation of a project plan. We focus on completing projects that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, while minimizing construction impacts and delivering the highest quality work. Our clients trust the implementation of their project to Seacoast Construction.

Seacoast maintains a full-time staff of construction managers and support staff who provide you with the comprehensive services you require. Our professionals have the licensing and background to know what needs to be done and how to do it, as well as the experience to schedule and supervise every aspect of your construction project.

Seacoast's Expertise Includes:

Seacoast's Expertise Includes:

Cost Management
Scheduling Services
Coordination Services (submittals, conflicts on drawings, etc)
Technical experience
Widespread industry Contacts & Accounts
Project Accounting

Preconstruction Coordination

Seacoast Construction’s experienced staff will work with you from the very earliest design stages of your project. This will allow us to gain a complete understanding of your scope, which will enable us to apply our experience and knowledge to assist and provide recommendations on all the required aspects of the project. Some of our pre-construction services are as follows:

Feasibility studies, assist in land acquisition, help obtain and hire a qualified architect and engineer, coordinate with architect/engineer to ensure the project is efficient, permitting (and processing of permit) services, selection of materials and appliances, industry contacts, company builder accounts, financing options and financing assistance.

Seacoast will create a detailed program, to the point where the project is ready to be picked up and built. We will provide you the best product at the best price which will allow you to achieve the highest value for your budget in your time frame.

Owner Representation

As the project owner, you need to know that the job is getting done right, within your budget and on time; you will also want to qualify and quantify contractor progress. All too often, the ability to keep these big picture concepts in focus gets lost in the numerous details of the project. As your owner representative, Seacoast Construction allows you to stay out of the daily details so that you can focus on your core business requirements. We provide the management of the details and give you peace of mind through timely updates of where your project stands.

Our personnel have decades of successful project management performance that Seacoast brings to the management of your project. We have performed oversight and management of commercial, multi-family and residential projects, in service levels spanning from periodic assessments to daily oversight, coordination, direction and management. Your needs will be driven by the complexity of your project and the type and frequency of management information you need to have. Seacoast will meet those needs, keep you aware and informed, and keep your project on track.