Questions to Ask Your GC Before You Build a Luxury Estate

Building a luxury residential estate is not like building just any other home. You want an experienced team who can create the customized design you’re envisioning at the quality and cost that meets the highest of standards.

Before you can even kickstart your build, you want to take the time to thoroughly understand your general contractor’s experience with the kind of project you would like to execute, as well as understand their capabilities and qualifications for your specific build wishes. Moreover, you want to ensure that the goals you have for your build are achievable. It all starts by asking some important questions of your GC. Here are three big ones to ask.

  1. Can I build this? You may have grand visions for your luxury estate, and with some smart planning and engineering, much can be accomplished, but with any build, there will be restrictions. Talk to your GC about capabilities and hurdles you may encounter with your project well ahead of time so you know what you will be able to build. That means understanding where the lot is located and if any specialty assessments will need to be done in order to see how the lot may be affected. For example, being close to water, in a flood zone, or in-land may impact the build and how your GC elevates the structure.
  2. How will my idea look? On paper or in your mind ideas can look one way, but when you render them with 3D modeling, they take on a much more life-like reality. By visualizing the entire home with 3D renderings, you can see your vision in true form and best gauge how the whole house will look and feel.
  3. How will my build affect my neighborhood? With construction comes a worksite, and there are many unavoidable neighborhood nuisances that accompany large projects. But you can keep your neighbors happy and minimize complaints by ensuring that cleanliness and safety on the job site is a priority for your GC’s team. At Seacoast Construction, we always screen our fences and clean up by the end of each day, even when bringing in things like concrete and tracked mud. Everything is cleaned in accordance with strict rules, which reduces the chance for any complaints.

As a design-build firm, we partner with you from the very beginning to understand your passions and guide you through the process of developing a space that highlights the lifestyle you want to achieve with your luxury estate. To ask your questions and schedule a consultation, get in touch with us today.

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