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Body Details Pembroke Pines

On Time & On Budget Buildout

Pembroke Pines

Seacoast Construction was called in for several Body Details build-out projects – the first of which was in Pembroke Pines, Florida. It served as a beta test to help the franchise achieve the retail look they wanted at the price that fit their budget.

After the project owners had consulted with several designers and created their wish list of ideas, they discovered they were overpriced and well above budget.

At Seacoast, we worked with them to reduce the price of finishes and reevaluate how the treatment rooms were positioned in order to improve efficiencies by sharing pipes in the exhaust system. After consultation, we created a Vanilla Shell for them that included the A/C unit, bathroom, and panel. This beta test was followed by four subsequent projects for them.


Pembroke Pines

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  • LOCATION : Pembroke Pines