Retail Buildout

Body Details Boynton Beach

On Time & On Budget Buildout

Royal Palm Beach

The Body Details Boynton Beach location was significantly larger than other franchise locations. At 2,300 square-feet, it was designed to meet the more luxurious demands the market required and in the end, took on a spa-like appearance.

To that end, individual men’s and women’s bathrooms were installed versus creating full locker rooms, and columns and chases were constructed out of drywall to meet the Boynton Beach Fire Department’s requirements.

During construction, we uncovered numerous violations from prior construction that needed to be corrected. We served as an intermediary between the Body Details franchise and Boynton Beach authorities to overcome construction language and terminology obstacles.

Given the space and location logistics, our team also had to overcome construction obstacles, which we did by hauling construction materials up to the roof with a crane and pouring an enormous amount of concrete in order to level the space and correct code violations.


Boynton Beach

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  • LOCATION : Boynton Beach