Post-COVID Big Box Retail Construction – What’s Trending

The look of retail centers is changing, and you don’t have to go far to see evidence of those changes. Store closing signs fill the windows of what were once anchor stores, and an increasingly dominant presence of online retailers are pushing their way in to fill the void.


Yes, big box retail has changed, and while COVID may have accelerated the pace of these changes, the direction we’re heading has held steady through it all.


Where Big Box Retail is Heading

Former retail center staples like JCPenney and others have called it quits in recent months. In turn, their large store footprints are quickly being filled as warehouse distribution centers for online powerhouses like Amazon, Walmart, and others – and for good reason.


These large retail spaces offer the ideal location for online retailers who are looking to improve distribution efficiencies by getting even closer to their shoppers for faster delivery and better service.


How to Reconfigure Big Box Stores for Warehouse Success

As newly transformed distribution centers, existing big box spaces need to be updated to accommodate a more industrial purpose.


Things like reconfiguring the building and installing logistical set-ups come into play. Specifically, this includes making updates to the building infrastructure, adding any robotics systems, and ensuring the electrical system can handle any new technology needs required to move inventory quickly and accurately.


In terms of updates to the store layout and materials, everything down to the flooring may need to change to make way for a new building purpose. Walls will likely need to come down, lighting may need to be edited or enhanced, and an overall reconditioning may need to be done to improve the space.


New Retail Habits Call for New Big Box Functionality

As our shopping habits have changed, big box retail has had to adapt and that means increasing distribution whenever and wherever they can. Vacant retail center stores are proving to offer just the right mix of retail warehouse space paired with an ideal location in the heart of our communities to complement the online shopping experience.


With changing retail habits, come changing construction needs. If you need help keeping your store or property relevant to the trends shaping our lives, we can help. Get in touch with our team at Seacoast Construction to schedule a consultation.


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