Commercial Portfolio



Interior & Exterior- Coconut Grove, FL

This Residence Inn by Marriott underwent renovations to the exterior and first floor interior common areas. All old pavers were removed and replaced with new pavers in the exterior walk-ways and drive-ways. The entrance was also updated with new automatic sliding doors. The front desk was replaced with updated cabinetry and countertops as were staff offices. The old dining area was completely renovated to include new flooring and the addition of a business center with individual work areas. Lastly, the updated look was completed with new paint throughout the interior.

  • Exterior Renovations
  • Installation of Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Renovated Cabinetry and Countertops
  • Installation of New Flooring


Interior – Naples, Florida

This Hyatt property underwent rehabilitation and remodeling of their existing clubhouse facility. This required the replacement of all acoustic panels, repair of light fixtures, new flooring, new wall coverings, and paint. A new bar was installed and the performing stage area was redone. Lumicore panels were installed in shoji screens. A patterned carpet tile was installed within a broadloom border. Motorized shades were placed throughout. Finally, all of the electrical systems, lighting control systems, and fire alarms were refurbished.

  • Rehabilitation and Remodeling
  • Panels, Lights, Flooring, Wall Coverings, Paint
  • New Bar and Performing Stage
  • Refurbished Electrical Systems, Lighting Control Systems & Fire Alarms