Owner’s Representation for Luxury Residential Real Estate

Homeowners embark on a luxury residential build because they have certain wants and needs in mind for their new home. They expect a premium product, and while they recognize luxury comes at a price, that doesn’t mean they want to throw money out the window.

Achieving the luxury residential new construction property that you’re envisioning, at the budget you’ve set, shouldn’t be hard. Yet, without an owner’s representative at your side, you can run into frustrating experiences and unnecessary delays.

How an Owner’s Representative Guides Your Luxury Real Estate Project

Before a new construction project begins, there is a lot of envisioning, planning and designing. You may have certain ideas in mind for your home and expect your designer to deliver on them. Unfortunately, what can happen is that the designer adds extras that can suddenly burst the balloon of your budget – if they’re even feasible at all.

So, while the designs can look great on paper – and even better with 3D models, the reality is most people don’t understand the ramifications of a larger-than planned design until they are in the middle of the build and the price is now three times what was anticipated.

To prevent issues like this, an owner’s representative comes in to assess what is possible to phase out while still staying true to your overall design goals. For example, perhaps the cabinetry looks great, but there’s not enough money in the budget for all the cabinets. If your heart is set on cabinets, an owner’s representative, like us, might suggest saving money elsewhere by cutting custom closets from the plans and then using that saved money for your dream cabinets. Then, down the road, you can add those custom closets if still desired. We suggested this for a recent client and saved them $250k that they could then redirect towards cabinetry.

When to Hire an Owner’s Representative

It’s best to hire an owner’s representative for your South Florida real estate build as early as possible. By having an advocate on your side, you can save time and money – like when our team stepped in to help a client whose general contractor was blatantly overbilling. Because we partnered with the owner from day one, we were able to catch the issue and saved them roughly 5 months of payment due to overbilling. Unfortunately, things like this happen all too often if you don’t have an advocate in your corner.

To save time and money on your luxury build while still staying true to your design goals, contact our experienced team at Seacoast Construction today.


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