Owner’s Representation for Healthcare Build-Outs

South Florida encompasses three counties, 88+ municipalities, and countless zoning and permitting boards, each with unique requirements that are tailored to building within the region. For healthcare builds, there are also AHCA requirements to navigate.

When you throw in working with myriad local vendors including designers, builders and engineers, you’ll find yourself trying hard to circumnavigate a lack of coordination, extended delays and cost overruns. This is why having an owner’s representative on board can be invaluable.

At Seacoast Construction, our focus when serving as an owner’s representative is to serve as your construction advocate throughout the project and determine what needs to be done, when, where and with whom. During the process, we find ways to save you time and money without sacrificing quality or ideals.

A Case Study in Owner’s Representation in the Healthcare Industry

An owner’s representative can be hired at any phase of construction, but they add the most value when they’re on board right from the start of your project. They bring invaluable construction expertise to their role as your advocate. Here’s an example of how early engagement with an owner’s representative can save time and money for healthcare projects.

Recently we were brought in to serve as an owner’s representative for a retirement development community project. We were hired during pre-construction to evaluate the project in advance, prior to any final scope of work was determined.

The project plans required the crew to redo all the electrical panels as the existing legacy systems were not compatible with newer systems. This would have been a massive undertaking. Our team conducted a coordination study and determined that simply by adding multiple breakers, the electrical systems could, in fact, work together.

The end result? We saved our client $89,000, shaved two months off the project timeline, and enabled the operating facility to avoid shutting down during the renovation.

Contact Us for Your Owner’s Representation Needs

Having an owner’s rep in your corner from day 1 means your project will be expertly guided through each phase of construction and the final result will be one that’s completed on time, on budget and in line with your wishes.

To talk to our experienced owner’s representatives at Seacoast Construction, please give us a call at 786-433-8740. We’ve been completing buildouts in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years and are ready to represent you on yours.



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