Own a Hotel? Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Space

Those in the hotel and hospitality industry have always had to adapt and accommodate the whims of travelers, but this past year has tested even the most flexible of businesses.


While the industry on the whole still has a long way to go before it will experience a full recovery from the impact of COVID-19, certain markets, including some here in South Florida, are faring better than others.


Despite any differences in markets, however, the overall demand for hotels is still much lower than it was pre-pandemic, and that means hotel owners have a good opportunity to make renovations to their property while capacity is lower than typical.


Renovate Now to Keep Your Hotel Competitive as the Industry Recovers

If you are a franchise hotel owner or if you own a boutique hotel and are considering selling it to a larger hotel brand, part of the agreement will likely require you to update your space periodically. Not to mention, keeping the space modern and fresh will keep your property relevant to travelers staying in your hotel – which is essential in an era where social media reviews can make or break your business.


Here are a few common hotel upgrades included in many franchise agreements that can easily be done now when they will be less disruptive to the guest experience:


  • Room updates – refresh guest rooms to keep them modern, clean and functional.
  • Implement or install certain franchise design features that are required as part of the agreement.
  • Refresh paint throughout the property
  • Modernize the restaurant
  • Install a coffee station/breakfast area
  • Update the concierge


Depending on the agreement with your franchise, updates like these will have to be made routinely anyway. Now is an opportune time to give your overall hotel property a face-lift while capacity is reduced. If you have questions about these and other renovations that can keep your hotel competitive, contact us at Seacoast Construction to discuss your needs.



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