Onsite and Online: How a Renovation Can Keep Your Property Working for You as You Balance a Growing Virtual Presence

For many employers, the shift to a virtual workforce came on strong and fast in mid-March. At the time, many hoped it would be just a temporary transition before permanently returning to the workplace once again.

Months later, we’ve already seen many stops and starts on our road to “reopening.” But the reality many employers have come to embrace is how they can make the most of their virtual presence, while still recognizing the need and place for a physical property or brick-and-mortar.

For example, as we’ve talked about previously on our blog, retailers who want to compete in this new era of social distancing will have to evaluate how their location, store footprint, and customer experience mesh with changing buyer behavior.

For restaurant owners, they must consider whether grab-and-go dining may become a staple that sticks in their industry or how new restaurant renovations could make for a more seamless experience for diners?

On the office front, many find themselves asking if just a subset of work groups will return to a physical office while others may become permanent virtual employees?

Now is an opportunity to reimagine the ways in which work gets done and how a physical property can enhance or detract from that experience. We know the space around us has a big influence on employee productivity, well-being, and overall satisfaction. Why not take the opportunity now to redefine how your physical and virtual experience can seamlessly mesh for your business and industry?

At Seacoast Construction, reimagining how a property can effectively work for our clients is what we do every day. We’re here to help you, too. Please get in touch today to discuss your next project.

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