New Retail Centers — What We See Trending

In the ever-evolving retail landscape, new and existing spaces are continuing to be shaken up by changing consumer behavior and increasing competition in the online marketplace.


As an active participant in bringing these changes to life, Seacoast Construction has seen how recent trends are playing out in places throughout South Florida. Here are some examples of what we see trending when it comes to retail centers:


Modernizing Mixed-Use Space

No longer are retail centers simply destinations for shopping. Retail centers are getting full makeovers and are being expanded to include venues for office, retail, restaurants, movies, and even things like residential and hospitality.


Building restrictions are being lifted and government changes are allowing more utilization in spaces that were once designated just for retail.


Repurposing Dated Properties

Retail centers are at the core of a community, and the spaces should reflect the needs and uses of the community. They should draw people in and offer an opportunity to gather. Mixed-use spaces that are effectively designed and built can achieve just that.


Here in South Florida, we’re seeing existing spaces like Cocowalk getting much-needed overhauls to become more modern, open-air spaces. Where once, indoor retail centers like Aventura were in high demand – now in a post-COVID world, the open air lifestyle-driven spaces like the CocoWalk redesign will become increasingly popular.


Buildings are being repurposed, expanded and updated to fill the needs of consumers, residents, and business owners.


Shifting Construction to Fit Our Habits

After spending nearly a year focusing on living a socially-distant lifestyle, the demands of shoppers have changed – and perhaps for the long haul. This means that big box retail may be shifting to make way for warehouse stores that enhance the online shopping experience. In other words, Amazon is moving in to malls and shopping centers but as warehouse distribution centers.


As such, spaces will need to be redesigned and reconstructed to fit the new needs of each space. Floors will need to morph from carpet to concrete, lighting will need to shift to focus on storage, restrooms and elevators will need to be for swiftly moving inventory rather than people.


The future of retail centers is being developed right now. If you’re ready to be part of revolution, get in touch with us at Seacoast Construction to schedule a free consultation.


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