Leveraging a Refurbishment to Upgrade HVAC Filtration Systems in Your Hotel

Keeping your hotel cool, comfortable and looking its best requires you to make routine front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house upgrades.

Guest-facing updates like new finishings, fixtures and flooring are always important. Perhaps less glamorous but no less important are improvements to your hotel’s HVAC system. A good time to tackle a project like this may be when you’re already undergoing a refurbishment project on your hotel.

Why Upgrade Your Hotel’s HVAC Filtration Systems


The hospitality industry has always been held to a high standard when it comes to the guest experience, cleanliness, and the overall health and safety of its building’s occupants.

The pandemic has elevated these expectations even further and put a clear focus on ensuring quality air filtration in public buildings. Even the New York Times has called out that the newest hotel amenity is virus-scrubbed air.

Another good reason for keeping your HVAC system operating in tip-top shape, or upgrading to a higher-quality system, is because it will run more efficiently and be better for your bottom line.


Two Birds, One Stone


If you’re already partnering with a general contractor on a hotel renovation, why not make improvements to your HVAC system as well? Specific trades may already be onsite for other hotel work and lumping an HVAC upgrade into your project’s scope of work may not affect your project’s timeline in a significant way.


As you consider your hotel’s needs for renovation and upgrades, don’t hesitate to give us a call to ask your questions. We’ve pretty much seen it all in our 20+ years of experience in SoFla and have a solution to meet your project’s needs as well. Contact us today.


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