Keys to Success During a Phased Construction Project

There are many different reasons why a client might choose to go with a phased construction project rather than one continuous process when completing a buildout. Some reasons may be driven by financial considerations, some may be driven by site restrictions or the unique complexities of a given site, and yet others may stem from a client’s past experience with a general contractor.

This last example is one reason why we, at Seacoast Construction, have been called in to take over a previous contractor’s job on several occasions. One such example is that of a Montessori pre-school we completed in Brickell, Florida.

Two Phases. One Happy Client.

We were hired by La Prima Casa mid-project after the client’s previous contractor failed to complete the required work. Feeling rightfully frustrated and somewhat uncertain of what to expect with a new general contractor, the owners wanted to take their project step by step. To make the transition to our team at Seacoast Construction as smooth as possible, we completed the project through a phased approach. Knowing the client’s history with other general contractors – and as we do with all of our clients – we worked hand-in-hand with them to ensure complete transparency every step of the way.

To get started on the project, we first had to undo most of the previous contractor’s work and start over in reconfiguring the three existing apartment buildings into a facility appropriate for preschool use. The project required HRS approval, which meant we had to be diligent in ensuring all of their codes and safety standards were met. From a design perspective, we preserved the owners’ vision and worked closely to create the child-friendly atmosphere. We completed Phase 1 of the project on a tight deadline and received HRS approval in time for the center to open as scheduled.

Happy with our work in Phase 1, the client kept us on to complete Phase 2 of the project. This included completing work on the remaining two buildings, which we were able to do while the Phase 1 building was fully operational as a Montessori school. We incorporated a full-size kitchen and cafeteria, redid all of the interior rooms, and corrected structural damage to the exterior. We also incorporated a remote security system for improved safety.

Keys to Success

Phased construction projects work best when you maintain open and transparent communication throughout the entire job. The client needs their vision to be understood, and the GC needs to frequently communicate where things stand with the project.

Successfully completing La Prima Casa and earning the trust and respect of the client meant delivering each phase of the project as promised. For us, it was just as important to complete the build on time and on budget as it was to deliver on our word, which is one of our top priorities with every project we undertake.

If you’re curious about phased construction projects or have questions about commercial construction more broadly, get in touch with us at Seacoast Construction.

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