It’s Never Too Early to Prepare Your Commercial Build-Out for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is upon us whether we like it or not. No matter if you’ve lived in SoFla your entire life or are a recent transplant, it’s worth a reminder for all of us just how powerful storm season can be. And it’s not only the storms themselves that can be dangerous, it’s the aftermath that can really wreak havoc on our properties and construction sites.

Storms are a Problem, but After the Storm Matters Most

It’s something all Floridians should be accustomed to, but somehow it can be easy to forget. Hurricane storms, though dangerous and damaging, are not the biggest problem. It’s after the storm that can truly destroy properties.

Water can make its way dozens of miles inland and can quickly damage properties and create residual repairs that are not anticipated. Moreover, there are other concerns, including:

  • Loss of power
  • Loss of potable water
  • Flooding and contaminated waters

How to Prepare Your Property for Hurricane Season

There are several maintenance steps you should take to prepare your property for storm season, including trimming back trees and shrubs and clearing gutters and downspouts of debris. Additionally, it’s important to know your flood zone so you can assess your risk for increased water damage.

If you do experience flooding and water damage to your property, drying out your space as quickly as possible is imperative to minimize short- and long-term damage.

Creating Builds That Can Withstand Climate Change

In order to combat increased flooding concerns, our buildings must adapt. Some areas to focus on with new construction and renovation projects include the following:

  • Improving structural materials with flood-hardy components including windows, siding, and doors
  • Implementing backup power methods, such as standalone gas-powered generators that come with an automatic transfer switch.
  • Understanding the type of commercial build and its location – it’s imperative to account for climate and geography when designing and building commercial projects in South Florida.

If you’re building in South Florida, you need a local construction firm that knows its way around a hurricane. Hire Seacoast Construction if you want a reliable, experienced firm known for unparalleled communication and seamless builds. We’re different from the rest, and our clients appreciate it. Contact us today.

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