Industry Standards You Should Expect from Your Contractor

For many things in life it seems we’re forced to make a decision between quality and price. The realist out there might say you simply can’t have both – something of good quality at a price that is right. But why not? Why is it that quality and price must be mutually exclusive? At Seacoast Construction, we commit to delivering both.


Quality, Price, and a Commitment to Service


In commercial construction, elevated industry standards mean that while both variables – quality and price – remain in play, you should always expect a baseline commitment to quality construction in any project completed by a reputable, licensed contractor. After all, when it comes to something as important as a physical structure, you absolutely need it to be well built and structurally sound. If not, the first storm of the season will blow it over like its matchsticks balancing atop a hay stack.


State and federal regulations enforce building codes and set minimum construction standards to ensure building safety. Moreover, local municipalities have their own set of standards that must be adhered to.


When searching for a general contractor in South Florida – one that can offer both a quality build at a price that is right – you should expect at a minimum adherence to:


  • Industry health and safety standards
  • Building code and permitting compliance
  • An active and valid contractor’s license (You can check the status of any contractor’s license in the state of Florida here)
  • Necessary insurance coverage
  • Strong references and reviews


Are there contractors out there who try to cut corners and skirt around important quality issues? Of course. Might they still up charge you under the guise of better quality? Yes. But when searching for the right contractor your South Florida commercial build, know that you can have both a superior build at a fair and competitive price.


At Seacoast Construction, we commit to more than just meeting industry standards. We exceed them with exceptional quality, communication, and service to our clients and the South Florida community we call home. If you have questions about what to expect with your South Florida build, get in touch with our team today.



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