How to Work Budgets with Non-Profits in Construction

For most non-profit organizations, making the most of every dollar is often a top priority when it comes to servicing all areas of the organization. Stretching each dollar means the organization can serve more people, provide more community services, and improve the buildings it operates.

And when it comes to making needed improvements to its buildings and facilities, stretching the budget doesn’t have to mean making sacrifices to construction quality and value either. At Seacoast Construction, we’ve stepped in to help numerous non-profit organizations meet their building goals by working creatively and collaboratively to ensure all goals – especially budgetary goals – are met. Here are some important considerations we focus on when it comes to working budgets and builds with non-profits:

  • Creatively phase projects – The budget for every non-profit is different. Sometimes the funds are all available upfront. Other times, capital improvement financing is occurring during construction. This means making cost-effective decisions throughout construction and being smart with the construction schedule is all the more important to the build.
  • Maximize resources – Stretching budgets means making the most of every penny allocated to the project. In order to do this effectively, we work to fully understand your project goals from the outset and set our schedule to accommodate your budget and needs.

Moreover, as a non-profit, there are additional opportunities to maximize resources and take advantage of your tax exempt status. For example, we prioritize working with clients to purchase bulk material items and then helped them manage the tax exemption paperwork to save them additional money off the original bid.

  • Track milestones – A strong project manager will make sure your project keeps moving according to the plan set forth during pre-construction. Certain milestones, like securing necessary permits or passing an inspection, will be good indicators that your project is moving forward as planned and on budget.

Commercial construction projects for non-profit organizations may require some extra finessing when it comes to stretching the budget and working creatively to stay within the funds’ allocation, but at Seacoast Construction, we make this our priority in every single project we undertake. With us, there are no surprises – and if we are given a budget, we do everything in our power to stick within that budget. Call us today at 786-433-8740 to schedule a project consultation.


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