How to Take an Existing Space to Fit Your New Restaurant’s Needs

The restaurant industry is constantly adapting, which we’ve seen in full force this past year and a half. Those owners and operators who aren’t able to keep pace with the market’s evolving demands and other factors outside their control (yes, the pandemic) have had to shut their doors leaving way for new restauranteurs to fill the space.


And with the closing of one door, a new one is opening for someone else with a different creative concept and new business idea.


Out With the Old


Turnover in the restaurant industry has been high since the pandemic hit, but that means many new opportunities await.


Restaurant owners have been able to secure new locations and purchase existing restaurant properties at a fraction of what it would cost to build new. Converting an existing space into something functional for a new restaurant can also save time, too.


Seamless Conversions


With careful planning and budgeting, existing restaurant footprints can be converted to meet just about any whim, but there are a few common conversions we are seeing in South Florida.


  • Restaurant-to-bar conversions – Some existing fast-casual restaurants are getting facelifts with a new bar design. They’re converting existing deli or behind-the-counter type restaurants with a bar feature that allows for more customer seating, service, and interaction.
  • Reconfiguring seating and kitchen needs – Kitchens are busy places, and with grab-and-go dining continuing to remain popular, some restaurants are looking to convert their existing larger seating areas into something more functional for the back of the house. This may mean less indoor seating for customers in order to accommodate greater space in the kitchen for staff and food prep needs.


Are you a restaurant owner in South Florida looking to renovate or build new? Let us know what your plans are, and we can help turn those conceptual ideas into a design that will function for your needs and goals. Get in touch with our team at Seacoast Construction to schedule a consultation.

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