How to Negate the Impact of Salt and Wind on SoFla Hotel Properties

Miles of sun-soaked coastline is certainly a South Florida selling point but living in paradise also comes at a price. Our buildings must withstand coastal winds that can exceed 140 mph as well as endure a humid, salt-rich environment. Our structures simply cannot do this without our ongoing attention.

The combined impact of salt, wind and sun can weaken our buildings more quickly than elsewhere in the country. This means we must stay on top of routine building maintenance and choose the most durable materials possible when we build and renovate hotel properties along the coast.

What Salt and Wind Do to Our Buildings


Salt water is highly corrosive and can exacerbate any structural problem. Steel will oxidize more quickly, bolts will rust, and the building’s facade can become easily weathered and damaged.

Moreover, moisture can accumulate if there are salt-damaged areas in a building – and wherever there is moisture, there is an opportunity for mold to grow.

Wind also strongly impacts a building. Changes to wind patterns, pressure, and speed can challenge the integrity of a building’s structure and materials.

How to Mitigate Salt and Wind’s Impact on Hotel Properties

Living in SoFla requires us to adapt to our environmental conditions, and we can do that by choosing high-quality materials and staying on top of maintenance. Here are a few important steps to take:

  • Clean buildings’ exteriors regularly.
  • Ensure the hotel is properly sealed around windows and doors.
  • Assess the building’s structural integrity regularly. Being situated in a flood zone also presents challenges to a building.
  • Apply commercial waterproofing materials, sealants and paints to lengthen the time between repairs and reapplication.

Our properties in South Florida require ongoing attention, but that’s a good thing because it means we know they are safe and always looking their best.

If you have questions about commercial construction, hotel renovations or what it takes to build an exceptional property in Miami, please come talk to us at Seacoast Construction. We have decades of experience and institutional knowledge and are more than happy to help you understand unique factors local to the area that you need to take into account when planning your development project.

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