How to Know if You Should Hire an Owner’s Representative

Owner’s representatives play an integral role in the commercial construction process not only because of their construction management expertise, but also because of their ability to effectively communicate and represent the needs and wishes of the owner. In the most basic sense, an owner’s representative takes on the duty of acting as the eyes, ears, and executor of the owner’s goals. (For more on what an owner’s rep does, check out our blog post on the topic).

But, you may be asking yourself, can’t I just do that myself? I know what my goals are and how I want the build to be executed…

While there are certainly no requirements mandating that you hire an owner’s representative, there are some points worth considering before you decide whether or not hiring an owner’s rep for your next buildout is the right step to take.

Things to Consider When Hiring an Owner’s Representative

  • Your level of time and commitment – Taking on a construction project is often a bigger undertaking than many owners anticipate. Questions begin coming at them from all sides, and they can feel overwhelmed by the pressure and responsibility of not only managing the project but also fulfilling the day-to-day commitments of their existing jobs. Feeling overwhelmed and being tasked with making decisions sometimes outside their areas of expertise can add undue stress to an already stressful situation. Hiring a trusted owner’s rep allows you to focus on what you do best while handing over the project reigns to an owner’s rep who can then focus on doing what he or she does best.
  • Your comfort level with delays – A good owner’s rep will keep your project on schedule and on budget. Period. If this is something you value, taking the time up front to find a trusted and experienced owner’s representative will pay dividends down the road.
  • Your familiarity and experience with commercial construction projects – And local construction projects at that. In Florida, it can be easy for someone inexperienced to make a misstep with something like planning ahead for permitting or approvals or unintentionally letting a critical decision fall off the grid. The importance of local experience cannot be understated.

The choice to hire an owner’s representative depends on these and other project-specific considerations. If you have questions about what an owner’s rep does and how it can positively impact your project, give us a call.

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