How to Find Out if a GC or Vendor is Licensed in Florida

Hiring a licensed general contractor or construction vendor is one of the most important things you can do for your building project. Not only does it ensure that you’re hiring a professional company – and not someone trying to take advantage of a labor shortage (or your pocketbook) – but it also assures you that the contractor or vendor will have sufficient financial stability, proof of insurance, and have passed a Certificate of Competency test.

The Construction Industry Licensing Board is responsible for licensing and regulating the construction industry in Florida. It offers numerous types of licenses including licenses for general contractors, roofing contractors, and many other sub-specialties.

In order to renew construction licenses in Florida, GCs and other vendors must undergo annual continuing education courses to fulfill professional requirements.

How to Search for Licensed Construction Professionals in Florida

Before hiring a general contractor or vendor, be sure to do some research to confirm that they are indeed licensed in Florida (don’t just take their word for it).

It’s easy to find out if a GC is licensed by searching online via the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation website. You can search by individual name or by the organization/establishment’s name. From there, you can click on their entity name for further information about their license, including the initial licensure date and its expiration.


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