How to Estimate Costs for a Restaurant Buildout in South Florida

Restaurant construction projects can be unexpectedly complex for those outside the construction industry. More than just design features, there are a host (pun intended) of life safety and equipment considerations that must be addressed before, during and even on an ongoing basis after construction. All of these things can have a big impact on your budget.


As you begin making plans for a restaurant buildout, talk to an experienced and local general contractor who can help you understand the Miami market, restaurant permitting requirements, rules and regulations for restaurant construction, as well as how your design features and equipment may influence your overall budget.


What to Know as You Plan Your Restaurant Construction Budget


To accurately estimate costs for a restaurant buildout in SoFla, consider your biggest areas of spending. Typically, this will include


  • Your space
  • Your equipment
  • Your construction crew


First, before signing a lease, look for opportunities to negotiate and make sure there is a statement in your commercial lease agreement denoting that your rent payments are to begin 90 days upon receipt of the building permit, rather than 90 days after signing your lease. Accounting for renovation plans prior to signing a lease agreement can save you considerable cash.


Second, you can also save significant money on a commercial kitchen renovation by shopping for used rather than new equipment. A new range and hood system can easily be one of the most expensive line items on a restaurant’s budget. You may be able to save quite a bit by searching for used equipment alternatives.


Lastly, you will have to hire a construction crew to build out your restaurant. As you gather estimates, you’ll likely see prices all over the board. One thing to keep in mind when making your decision is that even if it may cost a little more upfront to hire an experienced general contractor, you’ll likely still save money in the long run. Why? Because do-overs are expensive. So, too, are fines, fees, and other penalties that could come if your contractor fails to secure the right permits or if their equipment installation doesn’t meet life safety specifications.


When evaluating your restaurant construction budget, knowing where to spend and where to save can make your entire project more successful – and help contain costs along the way. To learn more about our experience with restaurant buildouts in SoFla, get in touch with our team at Seacoast Construction today.

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