How to Build and Renovate Without Impacting Daily Operations

For most construction projects, owners don’t have the luxury (or desire) to shut down operations for the however-many months it will take to renovate the space. Any new building or renovating must proceed in concert with daily operations.


For medical builds, this may mean working behind a containment area. For other projects, it likely means working in phases to ensure safe coexistence during construction.


How to streamline construction and minimize operational disruption


Even small-scale construction projects are disruptive to the people who live and work at or near the job site. For employees or residents, it may mean working in a temporary environment while upgrades are completed, tolerating construction noises in an otherwise quiet space, or reducing the scale of operations for a short amount of time.


Despite the inherent disruptions caused by construction, there are ways to achieve your project’s build goals with minimal interference to normal operations. It starts by focusing on some key priorities:


  • Communication – Constant communication is always needed, but when complex coordination is required for the job, it’s even more paramount that you have an experienced project manager who can keep an eye on the details while also staying focused on the big picture.
  • Understand limitations – Identify challenges unique to the job site and then work together to find solutions to any potential limitations. For example, can any work be completed off-site or during off-hours to minimize disruption?
  • Review priorities – When phased work is necessary, it can be easy for the budget and timeline to swell if the project is not managed carefully to mitigate overruns. To keep the build in check and ensure efficiency in the phased approach, there needs to be a clear understanding of the project’s goals and priorities. Tackling the tough questions during pre-construction means there will be few, if any, change orders along the way and minimal disruption to daily operations for your employees.


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