How Timelines are Affected by Your Design Choices for Office Build-Outs

It’s the goal of any project owner: to have their project completed on time and on budget. That’s our goal, too (and one you can absolutely count on us achieving).


The reality, however, is that any project’s timeline is going to be affected by the design choices made during construction – or rather during pre-construction.


Understanding Office Build-out Timelines


You can achieve a fairly standard office design and floor plan relatively quickly if you’re moving at 100 miles per hour. We’ve seen it done in as few as 90-120 days for simple designs consisting of rows of cubicles in the middle floor space surrounded by offices running along the perimeter.


The more typical timeline for office build-outs, however, is between 120-180 days – or more, depending on the size of the project and the level of elevated design features desired.


Not surprisingly, the more upscale the office space, the longer it takes. Office suites with multiple conference rooms, dividing details and walls require more time and planning to execute.


On the flip side, the benefit to constructing an elevated Class A office building is that you’re able to command higher rental rates and attract big-name tenants. It’s also custom-designed to meet the needs of how you or your tenant plans to use it.


Call Us for Help with Your Office Construction Project


A project’s timeline is always a big concern when undergoing a commercial construction project. At Seacoast Construction, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent about what you can expect with any given project. For help with yours or to ask questions about real estate development in South Florida, please contact our team.



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