Hiring a Third Party to Offer a Constructability Report

There is a lot at stake with any commercial construction project, and the higher the stakes, the more important it is to get every last detail right.


Getting the details right starts well before any construction work begins. It starts with defining the project scope, budget, and timeline. But even before that, it begins with ensuring that the project can actually be built as designed.


Enter the Constructability Report


A constructability report is an essential tool project owners should solicit from their general contractor and third party construction experts in order to assess the buildability of the project design.


A constructability review identifies any potential obstacles that could get in the way of constructing the project as designed. In doing so, it also improves the overall project by identifying areas to improve efficiencies – moreover, it saves time, money, and unnecessary stress and headaches along the way.


Why Hire a Third Party for a Constructability Report


Most project owners are not construction experts, which is why turning to an experienced and local contractor is so important when planning any kind of new build or renovation.


At the very outset of any project – prior to trying to secure permits or finalizing contracts – you need to flush out any and all of the grey areas in the design so that you can prevent future change orders once construction gets underway.


Identifying flaws with the architectural and structural design prior to starting the build saves time and money because every time there is a change order, there is more review, scope revisions, and cost increases.


If you have questions about the value of a constructability report or when you should hire a third party to conduct one, get in touch with us at Seacoast Construction. In such a competitive market, having an accurate understanding of how the job needs to be designed and built to match your goals is essential. We can help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your project needs.


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