High-End Luxury Office Build Outs: Preliminary Budgeting and Leasing Reviews for Construction

If you’re planning to lease a commercial office space in South Florida, do your due diligence prior to signing the lease agreement, especially if you have plans to renovate. Here’s why.

Accounting for Renovation Plans Prior to Signing a Lease Agreement

Monthly rent payments on high-end luxury office space in Miami is considerable. You do not want to have to pay rent prior to being able to move in and use the space, and you won’t if you take these considerations into account.

  • Discuss plans for your office renovation prior to signing a lease agreement.
  • Include a statement in your commercial lease agreement that your rent payments begin 90 days upon receipt of the building permit, rather than 90 days after signing your lease.
  • Hire an experienced owner’s representative who will advocate on your behalf and streamline the entire permitting and construction process – thereby saving you time and money.

It’s essential to be clear in your lease agreement that payment should not begin until 90 days after receiving the building permit. Those 90 days can get eaten up quickly during the planning phase alone – and that’s even before you submit for a permit, which in itself can take time.

If you, as a tenant, start paying rent on day 91 after signing a lease, you may find yourself without a permit to renovate and nowhere near ready to start using the space for which you are now paying rent.

Before committing to a commercial lease agreement, talk to us at Seacoast Construction about your plans for your high-end luxury office buildout. We can help advise you on costs and timelines to help you best prepare for your project. Contact us today to learn more.



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