Don’t Start a Commercial Construction Project without an Owner’s Representative

The success or failure of a commercial build begins well before any real building begins. Securing the land or property on which to build, developing a feasible design that is both buildable and within your time and budget constraints, and finding an experienced general contractor to partner with are just a few of the many steps you need to take before things can get rocking and rolling on the job site.


Plenty of missteps can happen early in the construction process if you take on the project without an owner’s representative.


If you have investment plans or are seeking a capital improvement campaign on one of your properties, hiring an owner’s representative early in your development plans can be extremely beneficial to the project.


Why You Should Hire an Owner’s Representative


Owner’s representatives bring essential construction skills and experiences to the job and are adept at managing large-scale commercial projects. Moreover, the relationships they’ve established in the community and the network they are plugged into are invaluable assets to have in a successful capital improvement campaign.


Generally project owners hire owner’s representatives to ensure that their project is completed:

  • On-time,
  • On-budget,
  • Professionally,
  • With minimal day-to-day involvement required of them as project owners, and
  • With assurance that the owner’s representative will serve as an advocate for them and will carry out the project’s work in their best interests.


If you are on the fence about hiring an owner’s representative, consider the level of time and commitment you can offer to the construction project as well as your experience and familiarity with Florida commercial construction projects. It can be easy for someone inexperienced to make a misstep with something like planning ahead for permitting or approvals, or unintentionally letting a critical decision fall off the grid.


It’s also helpful to evaluate your comfort level with delays. A good owner’s rep will keep your project on schedule and on budget. Period. If this is something you value, taking the time up front to find a trusted and experienced owner’s representative will pay dividends down the road.


If you have questions about owner representation and the specific ways we, at Seacoast Construction, prioritize achieving your project goals on-time and on-budget, get in touch to schedule a free consultation.



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