Documents to Include in Your Construction Contracts in Florida

The work of building begins long before any dirt is dug or hammers are swung. The work of construction begins by constructing the contract, and for everyone involved in the project, this is an essential step toward ensuring the success of your build. In this post, we’ll walk through several important documents to include in your construction contracts.


The Agreement – Up first is the construction contract agreement. This is the primary agreement between the contractor and project owner. Most other documents will also be attached to or referred back to this agreement. Included in the agreement are General Conditions, which outlines the legal rights, responsibilities, and relationships between the client and contractors and stipulates how any disputes will be resolved.


Scope of Work – This document further specifies what work will be done and by whom, as well as how the work will be done and what materials will be used. It also includes how changes orders that come up during construction will be handled. Having a clearly defined scope of work is not only important during the bidding process but also once work gets underway.


Construction Schedule – The construction schedule is another large and very important document that dictates the timeline and schedule of completion. It may be updated as needed as construction progresses.


Special Conditions – Often an addendum to the General Conditions, this document specifies if any conditions and clauses that may pertain just to specific portions of the job.


Specifications – This section spells out what materials and techniques will be used during construction and lists their technical data and requirements. The best time to negotiate specifications is when the contract is being developed. Once construction begins, chances to the specifications will be handled as a change order as laid out in the Scope of Work section.


Cost Estimate – An all-inclusive estimate of the project’s cost that is organized according to the CSI MasterFormat. This document may also be included with the Specifications section.


Drawings – Blueprints, if available, or simpler drawings that graphically represent the scope of work to be completed by the contractor will be included in the Drawings section.


Insurance Coverage – This section includes essential information needed to demonstrate the contractor’s financial means to complete the terms of the contract. Details included are the specific types of insurance coverage that your contractor has including general liability insurance, bonding, and risk insurance.


Preparing a thorough construction contract is essential to any Florida build as it protects you and your contractor and all involved parties. For help understanding what the various documents entail or if you have questions about your next South Florida build, get in touch with us at Seacoast Construction.


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