Design Features to Consider When Renovating Commercial Office Space in Miami

The neighborhoods in South Florida are vast and varied. So too are the commercial districts. Each area, though widely appealing, tends to attract a similar set of residents who form a community all its own.

As you prepare to relocate or take on a commercial office renovation in the greater Miami area, understanding the nuances of different areas will help you determine both where you want your office to be and key design features to consider as you build out your project.

Setting The Tone for Your Office Renovation

Corporate transplants from New York City and Chicago are moving south and pulling out all the stops on designing of-the-moment office spaces for their Miami locations.

Who could blame them? When it comes to design, Miami has a reputation for offering modern, clean, state-of-the-art office spaces that make this city the Manhattan of the South.

Now, that being said – key areas of town evoke unique ambiances that are typically woven into office designs. For example, Wynwood can see more open floor plans, concrete flooring and modern, edgy designs. In Brickell and South Beach, you may find more multi-floor offices with large common areas flanking large cubicles.

Design Features to Consider When Building Office Space

When building out Class A office space, there are a number of great innovative features that are being more in-demand as corporations return to work. A few years ago, the in-demand amenities in office space were chic coffee bars, fitness and health centers, and large kitchen or dining areas.

Today, most professionals are looking for spacious, clean and inviting spaces – but they are not opting to linger in the office as they did in a pre-covid era.

Some of the most in-demand amenities and features being included in new renovations include:

  • Modern HVAC: Over the past two years, installing ventilating and purifying HVAC systems has become a feature that is here to stay. With energy efficient options available, incorporating a modern HVAC system into your office space is paramount.
  • Conference Facilities: From tucked meeting rooms to larger conference rooms, corporations are seeking more spaces to allow for meetings of varied sizes – all equipped with screens for hybrid meetings with those who may be dialing in virtually
  • Fast WiFi: A reliable WiFi connection is considered a requirement in any office space today. Ensuring employees can still access their connection when taking a break or stepping outside has become a base requirement for office space.
  • Outdoor Space or Large Dining/Break Areas: Offering employees a space to recharge is still in top demand. For those who cannot create outdoor space, providing break areas with high ceilings and modern kitchen appliances – including a coffee bar has become essential.

If you are looking to renovate your large-scale office space in the Miami or South Florida area, get in touch with our team of experienced builders today.  schedule a free consultation.

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