Design-Build: Putting Efficiency in Action

When time and budget are on the line, there’s no room for error.

While this is true with all projects, the complexity of some elevate the challenge even further. Such was the case with a recent project we were commissioned to complete for Downtown Dadeland’s Master Association Office.

No time to waste

Seacoast was hired as the general contractor for a design-build project that needed to be completed within a matter of five months. The project’s aim was to relocate its existing association office as a new, bigger tenant was going to be taking over the current space.

While it may seem minor, one of the biggest challenges with the project was the large amount of floor outlets that needed to be installed in the new space. Here’s why it was such a complex undertaking:

  • The design of Downtown Dadeland is such that the retail level is sandwiched between the garage level below and condo units above.
  • Installing any new floor outlets required us to cut into a transfer slab to enable the point loads of the structure to be transferred onto the deck and therefore redistribute the weight to make space.
  • The transfer slab was thick, bulky, and had post-tension cable, which can be extremely dangerous if it is hit – it can snap and act like a whip.
  • To ensure safety, we x-rayed all areas where we would be working underground.

As the project lead for the office relation project, we hired an architect and completed everything – top to bottom, inception to design, permitting, build-out, and close out – all on time and without a single change order on the job. This seamless construction schedule enabled us to save our client money and ensure they meet their tenant obligations.

We know that each project presents a new challenge, but at Seacoast Construction, we pride ourselves on rising to the occasion each and every time to achieve on-time, on-budget builds for our clients. If this sounds good to you, then get in touch to schedule a free consultation.

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