Creating a Model Program for Franchise Construction

Franchise operations thrive when there is consistency across storefront locations. The interiors and exteriors are set up similarly across locations, the products and services offered are the same, and customers know exactly what to expect when they walk into any given location.


From a construction perspective, this all sounds like it should be easy. Just create a model program, replicate it for each subsequent operation, and you’re good to go, right?


Not so fast.


Adapting franchise models to specific locations


When we prepare a new program for franchises, we take the criteria we’ve been given and model them for the building. The model will vary based on the franchise, but the goal is to create a program that can be replicated across locations.


If a franchise owner wants to open new locations and needs a reception, offices, consultation rooms, and other designated areas in each location, we factor those in and create a construction model for the franchise.


The model and rough project estimate is based on a raw space and makes some assumptions about the project site. For example, the model might assume that the location is a concrete slab storefront with panels and bathrooms already in.


Comparing costs to account for space additives


The model will estimate the cost for a program in a given region, but additional calculations need to be done to account for location-specific requirements or additives.


For example, if the model is based on a 15-foot ceiling but your location has a 20-foot ceiling, it will cost more to handle that. You can use Excel to prepare and compare costs for your construction project in order to estimate the true cost of a given franchise location.


If we were to think about a franchise model like a car, it’s like knowing the price for a base model, but if we wanted to add rims, a lift kit, or any other add-on, the cost would naturally be more.


The same is true for a franchise. You would start with the equivalent of a base model, but if you need to make adaptations based on location or site-specific requirements, your costs will need to be adjusted. To get an accurate estimate, further calculations will need to be done in Excel or another construction software program.


To improve efficiencies when expanding franchise operations, it’s helpful to create a model program and adjust as needed from there. Our team is ready to help. If you’re planning a construction project in South Florida, come talk to us at Seacoast Construction.


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