Conducting a Feasibility Study for Your Commercial Property

Sometimes the best business ideas start with just a sketch on a paper napkin. Other times years of trial and error, planning, and persistence make the dream a reality, but no matter how the concept comes to life, thoroughly vetting the idea before investing thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars into it is essential.


What is a Feasibility Study?


Feasibility studies are conducted to evaluate whether a specific action or investment makes economic and operational sense. It answers the question of whether or not the plan in question is a viable one to pursue.


Feasibility studies are particularly beneficial when the economic stakes are high, such as in the case of purchasing a new commercial property, expanding operations, or pursuing growth through investment.


Commercial Investments and Feasibility


When preparing to invest in a commercial property, no matter the use of the property, feasibility studies help set the course for all aspects of the project, including setting budgets and timelines related to any commercial construction or renovation that would need to be done on the property.


When conducting a feasibility study for a commercial property, some important steps to take include:


  • Outlining the project scope and goals
  • Evaluating the market conditions and demographic trends
  • Conducting a competitive analysis
  • Completing a cost-benefit analysis, including calculating the beak-even schedule for the proposal
  • Thoroughly analyzing the data and associated risks of the project


In working through your feasibility study, it also helps to consult local experts who are proficient in their given industry. At Seacoast Construction, we’ve been closely in tune with the commercial market for more than 20 years and can offer you guidance on the competitive market as well as building and labor costs for large-scale commercial projects throughout South Florida. Contact our team to learn more and ask your questions.


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