Building Without Competitive Bids on a Commercial Construction Project

The bidding process for a commercial construction project can be an overlooked time-suck in the grand scheme of a commercial build – what’s more, even after the bidding process is complete, you still may end up with a contractor who can’t deliver what you want for the job.


Preparing the documents for bidding, reviewing the bids, and ultimately selecting a GC can take weeks and more likely months. In the end, you may be in no better position than had you pursued a different route entirely.


In a world where time is money, doing what you can to efficiently move through the pre-construction and construction phases of a build is of the essence.


No, You Don’t Have to Put the Job out for a Competitive Bid


A common course of action when preparing for a commercial build is to put the job out to bid and select the lowest responsible GC who can successfully do the job. That takes time, effort, and a thorough understanding of what you really need and want for your project. Even then, you may not find the right contractor and could end up facing multiple change orders down the road in order to achieve the build you really want.


While gathering a range of bids may seem like a good way to compare pricing, skills, and experience, it may not get you any farther ahead than if you were to skip the bidding process and replace it instead with a negotiated contract.


What is a Negotiated Contract?


Partnering with a commercial contractor early in the project lifecycle is an efficient way to ensure that the build you want will be completed on time and on budget and with minimal to no change orders and delays along the way.


Through a negotiated bid process, the project owner, general contractor, and architect collaborate early in the design process to discuss the needs, wants, and buildability of the project. Potential issues with the design are identified during pre-construction and recommended alternatives can be proposed in real-time in order to achieve the design and budget goals for the project.


This collaborative approach engaged early during pre-construction results in a superior build that is completed timely, efficiently, and without cost overruns and change orders.


Yes, there is an alternative to competitive bidding for contractors. We can help you achieve the build you want and deliver the most value every step of the way. For questions about our pre-construction services and to learn more about preparing for your South Florida build, contact our team at Seacoast Construction.

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