Being an Owner’s Representative in a Post-COVID World, How to Adapt

Flexibility and being able to quickly adapt have always been fundamental qualities needed of those who work on commercial construction projects, and COVID-19 has forced us all to flex those muscles even more. We’ve had to be dynamic in our choices, alter our strategies mid-build, and accommodate to changing supply chains, labor shortages, and economic conditions.


When conditions are uncertain, like they undoubtedly are right now, having an experienced owner’s representative on your side to help is all the more advantageous.


Understanding the Role of an Owner’s Representative


The role of an owner’s representative is to serve as a liaison between all of the key stakeholders in the project and to ensure that the owner’s vision of the project is met. As their title suggests, they represent the owner in helping make critical decisions regarding scope, budget, strategy, and advising on every step throughout the construction process, starting from the very beginning. Their expertise in understanding the entire build process makes them an invaluable extension of the owner’s team.


Owner’s Representation after Covid-19


In this past year, some projects have been put on-hold, others have continued as planned, and still others have changed course altogether (some have even sought further expansion).


As quickly as the pandemic spread, so too have the decisions about construction projects needed to be made. The accelerated pace of change will not be going anywhere anytime soon. We must learn to design and build projects that minimize risk and offer growth opportunities both in the short- and long-term.


Owner’s reps are tuned into industry trends as well as local, market-specific opportunities and are uniquely positioned to advise on overcoming potential hurdles with commercial builds. If you have questions about owner’s representation or how we at Seacoast Construction can help you, please get in touch.




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