After Your Constructability Report Ends – What Comes Next?

The pre-construction phase of commercial builds is one of the most important components of the entire project. Ensuring that the build can be completed as designed and that the budget, timeline, and scope of the project are all in alignment are essential to a successful build.


After the constructability report for your proposed project is complete, there are several important steps to take before breaking ground. Here is some of what you can expect:


  • Begin the Permitting Process – Securing permits should be the first step after the constructability report ends. Once a set of comments is received from the permitting committee, they can be addressed by the design team before beginning the bidding process.


  • Prepare for & Conduct the Bidding Process – Once the construction documents are completed, the constructability report is finished, and permits secured, it’s time to put the project out for bid. Whether you invite specific bidders to participate or advertise the project at large, you will then share the construction documents with the bidders for them to review and price. Each contractor will evaluate the documents and submit a proposal with their services, solutions, and price.


During the bidding process, there is also typically a period of a few weeks for Q&A from the contractors. The contractors are given an opportunity to ask for clarifications, additional information, or discuss product substitutions.


  • Contractor Evaluation and Selection Process – After the bids have been received, the project owner and other stakeholders begin reviewing the bids. The goal is to ensure that the bidders have met the requirements put forth in the request and ensure that the best value for the project will be achieved.


When evaluating bids, it’s important to remember, however, that the selection process is about so much more than just the bottom-line number. It’s about the kind of team you will be working with, and the communication, value, and services they will provide.


Every step leading up to the start of construction is just as important as the building process itself. Small errors in planning and design can lead to costly mistakes down the road. As you prepare your build, partner with an experienced owner’s representative and general contracting team to ensure a smooth process every step of the way.


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