3 Questions to Ask Your Project Manager

In any given construction project, you have a team of key players. Understanding who does what can be complicated if you’re not familiar with the inner workings of commercial construction, but there’s no doubt each player is important to the collective effort of the build.

A key player, however, is the project manager and the role is essential for several reasons. Most notably, he or she takes on much of the management responsibility for keeping the project on schedule and on budget (to learn more, check out our blog post on why PMs are the difference between staying on budget and cost overruns).

As you go through the interview process of meeting with general contractors and their teams, be sure to ask the project manager a few pointed questions as well. Here are three good ones to ask.

What steps do you take if a project appears to be falling behind schedule or exceeding budget plans?

As captain of the ship, the project manager is responsible for juggling numerous aspects of construction all at once, but also doing so with an eye on the details. An experienced PM will be able to anticipate and navigate hurdles and will rely heavily on pre-construction documents to ensure the project stays on track.

How do you communicate with your clients and other project stakeholders?

Miscommunication or lack of communication can cause a host of construction problems – from subcontractors failing to show up, to budget overruns, or worse. Make sure you feel comfortable with the PM’s communication style and frequency. Having a good rapport with the team you hire cannot be undervalued.

What is your experience with projects similar to mine?

You want a PM who understands your needs and is familiar with buildouts similar to yours. After all, there are distinct differences between a medical buildout and a retail renovation. Your project manager may be skilled in both, but it’s important to ask the question and understand their experience in relation to your project needs.

At Seacoast Construction, we rely heavily on our experienced team of project managers to successfully execute build after build for our clients. We are proud of the work they do and look forward to getting starting on your next project. Call us at 786-433-8740 to schedule a free consultation.

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